” Life Is a Journey, and Love Makes it Worth While “

Hello and thank you for stopping by fabulous journey photography.

My name is Victor and I'm the principal photographer for Fabulous Journey Photography. Along with my partner in crime, my wife Wan Ching, who is also an avid passionate photographer. We started off as the dynamic duo in wedding photography 8 years ago, capturing beautiful candid moments for many many couples.

As years goes by, I continue my specialisation in wedding photography gaining recognition from Wppi as an associate of WPPI with a handful of winning awards and continue on to acquire a licentiate with Masters Photographers Association (uk) under my own brand at www.victor-hew.com

As for Wan Ching, she continued her passion in photography specialising in maternity, newborn and family photography. Her fine art approach to her work had gained her many satisfied clients throughout her journey in photography under www.o-peekaboo.com back in our hometown.

Fabulous journey photography marks our 10th anniversary in this wonderful industry. We believe life is a fabulous journey with many chapters, and we are ever always ready to help you re-live every moment through our art for many years to come. From your engagement, to your wedding day, to your first addition to your family, we are very keen to be part of your exciting journey.